State of the Sunday

Comics currently running in Shounen Sunday and what I thought of them in general and this week.  Romanizations may vary.

Artist Acro: A world where people called “artists” have special magical abilities to manipulate matter.  Most of them have gone over to the dark side where they have no qualms about practicing their craft on people.  The bizarre fantasy powers come off rather kiddy, but it’s not bad if you don’t mind that.  This week, Acro is fighting an evil dude–pretty standard.

Arata Kangatari: By the author of Fushigi Yuugi, Yuu Watase.  She is a great story teller.  Since this is shounen manga, the guys get to do all the cool stuff and the girls are all cute and supporty, but I expect there will be a certain level of not-gratuitous-male-fan-service maintained.  This week, doubts are cast on the circumstances behind the assassination of that priestess girl.  Maybe what’s-his-name (Kannagi?) is not pure evil after all.

Itsuwaribito Utsuho: Utsuho makes it his business to help people using the medium of lying.  Cute tanuki mascot.  So far so good; this week’s wrapping up of one plot line and setting up a new one seemed a little abrupt.  Is that guy already recovered from falling in a pit full of spikes last week?

Ocha Nigosu: Scary-looking guy in the tea ceremony club -> comedy.  A while back there was a scene with a corn dog that I found immensely hilarious.  Occasionally the sheer stupidity of the characters becomes tiresome but overall it is entertaining.  This week Kaho (I think) defeats bad guys, although by running away rather than by fighting.

Kami nomi zo shiru sekai (The World God Only Knows): A romantic comedy about a boy who is a master of romance games, who must get various girls to fall in love with him in order to evict demon things from the empty spaces in their hearts.  Interesting from a geek perspective, cute visual style, sometimes prone to annoyingly stupid philosophy/psychology and general messed-up-ness, traditional gender roles–one girl does martial arts but her problem in the story is that her feminine side is repressed.  I can’t think of an example of a story about a similarly geeky female character, which is too bad (although I can think of one or two shoujo stories about geeky guys; what the heck).  This week… I think it was taking a week off.

Defense Devil: New this week.  And lots of color pages, I was impressed–they’re only obligated to make two or three and there were, like, five.  A demon who lost his power as punishment for being too nice has a scheme to get it back by proving the innocence of humans who are being wrongly sent to Hell.  Not bad so far.

Traumeister: This comic was kind of messed up and then it got more and more messed up, with the monster-birth symbolism and this Da Vinci guy molesting his pre-school Mona Lisa Artman (think Artman = patronus).  Bleah.  Fail.

Maou Juvenile Remix: I am still peeved at the one scene some time ago where Protagonist Boy and his brother remarked how EWW they didn’t want to be like that gross old guy who bought a soda in a fast food restaurant because his being alive was totally meaningless.  What do they know about this guy?  Where do they get off judging him by his appearance like that?  This week, I found cute-assassin-girl’s twice-repeated crotch-grabbing attack to be gratuitous, especially since she had her fingers in her mouth two panels later.  Overall, it’s an engaging suspense story.  But sometimes it suffers from enough fail that I don’t think I’d pick it off the 105 yen shelf.

Others: I don’t read them because they are about sports*/I tried them but I got bored after one or two chapters/I flipped through them and they looked boring.  Except Kekkaishi, which looks interesting so I want to read it from the beginning.

*If people are going to take competitions that seriously, I want them to be life or death.  So I read fighting manga but not sports manga.


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2 Responses to “State of the Sunday”

  1. keathwick Says:

    Yay for more manga blogs! I have now linked you from my blog, that is so very sadly in need of updates.

    Geek girls in manga: I don’t know how many “geek girls” proper are showing up, but the otaku girl/fujoshi is starting to get a real presence. Fujoshi Rumi and Fujoshi Kanojo both offer pretty pleasant reads, from what I’ve seen of them. And Fujoshi Rumi has a hefty amount of fan service for girls. Cat ears show up on the main boy in at least one scene, if I recall correctly, and we all know it’s hard to go wrong with cat ears . . .

    • cicadasinmay Says:

      Yeah, and there is Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku. I hadn’t hear of these Fujoshi things — I found Fujoshi Kanojo on Amazon. (Kanji recognizer subroutine doesn’t like the word “fujoshi.”) I shall perhaps check it out, although it takes me forever to get around to reading things — ahhh cat throwing up ahhh!

      Okay, cat throw up dealt with.

      Looks like it was based on a novel. I don’t see the other one in the search results for fujoshi. Possible they changed the title. Oh, there it is. Mousou shoujo otaku kei. Action comics sounds like a shounen publisher, whereas the other was from B’s Log, which I am pretty sure is — yeah, I have an issue of their magazine which I have never gotten around to reading but it says it’s the ultimate comic magazine for otome. I am not very familiar with the publishers but I will look for them at Book Off.

      I would rather call myself an otaku than a fujoshi though, because “fu” is written with the kanji for “rot.”

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