Body Image Fail

Wings is running a comic called Gakuen Tengoku (wait, wasn’t that a yaoi anime? No, that was Gakuen Heaven — totally different) about a high school kid with supernatural powers and his twin brother and various supernatural beings who want his supernatural powers.  This month he has gotten the hang of his powers enough to try and help the werewolves, who are going extinct because they have no females of child-bearing age.  So they’re going to turn some of their male members into females.  Hilarious sex change magic!  (I’m kinda concerned that playing this for comedy is offensive to transgendered people, but hey, what do publishers care about minorities in the audience?)


So, the kid screws up a bunch of times before he gets it right.  The first failure is that he makes this man into a woman, but OH NOEZ, he didn’t change her body-type to “petite hourglass” and therefore HILARIOUSLY there is a large square-ish-shaped woman!  Oh how droll!  Not like a REAL woman at all.  Fortunately, all his subsequent failures result in proper feminine appearances, because no matter what you would look like with a Y chromosome, having two X chromosomes means you are TINY AND SLENDER.  (He just screws up the genitalia and presence/absence of breasts — because primary and secondary sexual characteristics are comedy gold.)

Of course, the first failed transformation looks much more like me than most women in manga.  Yes, the Japanese population has a much lower percentage of large or fat people than, say, the US.  But it’s not like they don’t exist at all.  I have seen them on the train.

Speaking of this comic, the fat guy who runs the occult club is one of the most positive portrayals of a fat character I have seen recently.  He is kind of weak-willed and geeky (being the head of the occult club and all) but generally nice (as opposed to a bad guy in need of beating up or something).  A girl even likes him — but it’s problematic, because she is very verbally abusive, and her attraction to him is based entirely on a fat fetish she didn’t realize she had and doesn’t involve anything like respect or mutual interests or anything.

You know what would be great? A theme that didn’t use this stupid font that makes a dash look, if anything, shorter than a hyphen [edit: unless you type spaces around it, but my habit of typing a dash as two hyphens is hard to break].


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