New Anime Season

I have a bad habit of watching the first episode of things that I don’t know what they are. This is how I ended up seeing the first minute of Saki: bizarre breast-clinging shirt and a girl worrying about her breasts being too small, all before the opening credits. No thanks.

A couple things I will be watching this season (if I can stay on the anime ball): Fullmetal Alchemist. Otherwise I would lose my geek cred. After the first episode, I am really confused how this fits in with the previous anime (and/or the manga, which I also read, which just adds to the confusion). Is it a retelling or, like, a midquel–a story set in between events of the story we already saw? 07 Ghost. I have been reading the comic, but I don’t really know what’s going on. If it’s anything like Amatsuki (also from Zero Sum magazine) watching the anime will not help at all.

Tears to Tiara sounds like a story about an upwardly mobile girl or something, but apparently it isn’t. The first episode didn’t capture my attention at all, but I might give the second episode a chance as it ended on a cliffhanger and we have only met a few characters compared to the number in the opening credits. But for epic fantasy battles I have higher expectations of Guin Saga. It features a capable princess and a random leopard head man. (A very muscular one; I get the impression that a lot of Japanese furries like muscle-bound types.)


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2 Responses to “New Anime Season”

  1. Keathwick Says:

    Wow, 07 Ghost confuses me. I remember seeing it in scanlation form way back when and thinking: “Huh. Maybe the licensed English version will clarify things up a bit.” And then I saw the licensed version and it emphatically did not. I still find myself liking the series, though.

    • cicadasinmay Says:

      Now just imagine you started reading in the middle. And I didn’t pick up on there being both a Michael’s eye and a Raphael’s eye, which apparently there are?

      It is still a nice geeky fantasy though.

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