Hooray, another fat fetish video game.

I often flip through Weekly Famitsuu and look at the section of new information about upcoming games. Today I noticed a game that has a bunch of princesses. One of them is fat, so I paused to see if there was any indication whether she would be mocked or at best grotesquely fetishized as tends to happen when fat women are featured prominently in games (or anything else).

Long story short, I was offended! She had a dialog bubble [edit: actually it was just some text floating next to her but it was still her speaking], and she was saying something along the lines of, “I am divorced. I love you more than steak. I just want to eat you up.” I was too disgusted to stick around long enough to note the title of the game, or the princess’s name with enough accuracy for Google to find her again. Maybe I will check the magazine again tomorrow.

I don’t particularly care if people have fetishes about eating and such but their being so tightly bound to a particular body type encourages (and is encouraged by) vile stereotyping, and I kinda suspect a lot of people would be in it not for the looks or the food but for the shame of living in a body that is so broadly condemned by society and the guilt of eating food while in such a body, which are less innocuous.

[Update: The game was Ou-sama Monogatari (King Story – English title given as Little King’s Story) for the Wii, and the princess in question is named Spumoni, which Japanese Wikipedia says is a type of cocktail. It looks like she is yet to be revealed on the character page.]

[Update again! OH! She has a character page now! The larger text is the same lines I saw in the magazine. Below that is a little description. The description of how she is chubby and cute and warm and junk is pretty good, actually, but the last line is about how her dream is to eat all the food in the woooorld. Whatever, Nintendo-authorized game creators!]

[Update some more: No list of fat-phobic video games is complete without Love Revolution! (No relation to other games that end in Revolution.) The dating sim where you diet until guys are actually attracted to you! Because that is a great idea for so many reasons.]



4 Responses to “Hooray, another fat fetish video game.”

  1. keathwick Says:

    Hmmm. I have followed the links, and I now have the rage.

    And (while this is somewhat off-topic) those blog posts are making me nostalgic for Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s YA novel, A Fistful of Sky, which is quite a good fantasy novel starring a post-college-age girl whose thin, athletic mother keeps bugging her (and in one absolutely chilling sequence, forcing her) to lose weight. As far I can recall, the young plus-size heroine never goes through the “oh, gee, now that I have come into my own as a person, I shall of course transform myself into thin and beautiful” character arc–though she does fix up her wardrobe and such at one point.

    • cicadasinmay Says:

      Fistful of Sky sounds really interesting. I will have to remember to look it up when I am in the States (although it’s only a couple dollars more here, actually).

      I do hate wardrobes though. Characters actually enjoying clothes shopping knocks my relate-o-meter to zero in an instant. My hatred for selecting clothing is not all directly tied to the fashion industry’s refusal to acknowledge women above a size 12, but I think the rest of it might be indirectly related because I might enjoy decorating my body more if I had not had it pounded into my head so constantly that my body is hideously, disgustingly ugly for my entire life (not that women of all sizes do not experience this to varying degrees).

  2. Keathwick Says:

    Hmmm, you might not mind the “wardrobe update” sequence in Fistful quite so much, then, as it involves more humorous magic than it does shopping.

    Clothing stores and TV ads both seem to really hate women and women’s bodies for some reason. Though I have discovered recently that men’s department store clothing also maxes out at a certain weight, so the stores, at least, must hate male bodies too.

    • cicadasinmay Says:

      It just occurred to me that they probably make more money if women ride the diet roller coaster and constantly need to buy entire new wardrobes (after all, they say to throw out your old fat clothes – wait, but if you kept your thin clothes you would be buying more new fat wardrobes than thin ones – maybe not, then).

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