Body Image Fail: Ninja Edition!

Naruto and the Stupid Long Movie TitleBody Image Fail goes to Naruto and the Animal Panic on Crescent Moon Island! In this movie, Naruto and supporting characters are hired to protect an oafish disgusting loser who is the prince of Crescent Moon Island. He embodies a large number of fat stereotypes, the most obvious being that he is constantly eating. (This is not called “being a fat guy.” This is called “binge-eating disorder.” Although maybe not an accurate representation thereof.) After providing much comedy by being fat and stupid, he eventually learns what is really important and plays a minor supporting role in the saving of the day. In the epilogue, Naruto and his friends stay on the island for a week so Kakashi can recover from using his Fancy Ninja Eye too much. During this week, the fat guy crash diets, and although he is still on the chunky side, he is considerably thinner after the ending credits, to let us know that we are suppose to stop laughing at him now because he is no longer a loser idiot! Also, losing a bunch of weight in the course of a week is totally healthy. Anyway, you can see him in the upper left corner there. I am too distracted by the kitty. KITTEH!!! (The villain was also on the chunky side, and had a guy following him around with a tray of fruit who read as comically gay. Homophobia fail too?)

Body Image Win goes to Nabari no Ou (anime version; I haven’t confirmed whether the [on-going] manga version features the same character or not). In this ninja anime full of even skinnier people than usual, there was totally a minor character in one plot arc who was noticeably chubbier than other sympathetic female anime characters! If I had been writing this blog when I had seen that plot arc, maybe I would have a screen shot. But I don’t! You’ll just have to watch the whole thing. (It would be nice someday if we had a sympathetic protagonist instead of a minor character who lasted a few episodes, but I am not holding my breath.)


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