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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

April 19, 2009

I knew going in that this was a manly manly man story about men except they are actually dogs. Which is why I watched it. Because it has talking dogs. Except the first quarter of the show, which has talking humans and non-talking dogs (then they just start talking when the plot becomes more about them and less about the humans). I can forgive a lot of the violence in this show in light of the fact that it is basically an over-the-top fighting show, but the beating-the-month-old-puppy for no apparent reason near the beginning, not so much. Also, the part where Daisuke accidentally shoots a bird, but the narrative is that the act of taking a life makes him into a Real Man — blecch.

This show is like one of those old samurai movies, except that since it is animated, it can have talking dogs and huge amounts of blood pre-CG (it is an old show). I don’t actually object to dogs getting horribly killed in a story about dogs. It’s when dogs are just extras in a story about humans that it really bothers me to see fictional dogs get hurt. Like the preview of that scifi spider movie I will never ever see where the aliens kill a cat and it is supposed to be funny? Death to that movie.

Anyway, mostly these dogs run around impressing manly dogs with their manliness so that they will help them go fight a big evil bear (dogs are people but bears are monsters — well, only this bear and his bloodline [in the beginning] except maybe also all other bears [at the end]). These are manly, manly dogs who value honor and manliness over their lives. Like Klingons! There is a girl dog, and the DVD insert says she is totally recognized as an equal fighter just like all the others. However, she does way more than her share of getting rescued, and in the actual show it feels more like she is Ben’s girlfriend who is manly enough to tag along but still mostly just acts as the resident girl. (Like Klingons! Women are our partners in battle. Wild cards are for women because they are weak and need more help!) She fights bravely now and then but doesn’t win very much. I only remember one fight in which she played a major role and she totally lost. She is the first and often only dog to cry out with concern when someone else gets hurt. She nearly gets killed saving a puppy and then attributes it to her femaleness that she was moved by the puppy’s cries. She sits out the final battle because she has just given birth to puppies. (Maybe being pregnant was a hindrance to her fighting earlier. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t say I’d recommend running all over the country and making war while pregnant.)

Also, the henchman of the bad traitorous dog appears to have feminine-looking eyelashes.

Now I can watch/read the sequel, Weed, with context! Yay. (They did publish at least the first 3 volumes of the Weed manga in English, which is how I got into this manly manly dog series.)